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June 15, 2018

Review: Therm-A-Rest Slacker Hammock

Review: Slacker Double (2-Person) HammockManufacturer: THERM-A-REST Essential or Luxury? That was the question we asked ourselves about the Slacker Hammock from Therm-A-rest. As a bed, a place to rest or as a motorcycle cover, this one hammock ticks a lot of boxes both as an essential carry item and as a luxury product. Based on it’s solid construction, flexibility, not to mention the “cool points” it generates, as you gently…
June 03, 2017

Overland Machete

Review: Overland MacheteManufacturer: L.T. Wright Knives – Hand Crafted KnivesReview by: Simon Thomas   The Right Tool For The Job Having the right tools to hand makes outdoor living a lot easier and can make even the most nerdish library geek feel like Indiana Jones.Last year, Lisa and I bumped into a few of the crew from L.T. Wright Knives. Within seconds of the conversation starting, Lisa’s eyes glanced upwards…
June 19, 2014

MSR Dragon Fly Stove

        Overview Going under the label of MSR Gourmet Cooking stoves, the MSR DragonFly for us, was an obvious choice. It allows “boil-to-simmer flame control”. What this actually means is that you can cook a meal rather than just reheat food: and believe me, whether your on the road for days, weeks or even years, that's a critical distiction when choosing your stove.     Multi-Fuel The…
June 18, 2014

Hilleberg Keron 4GT

What are the words that describe this tent..? Strength, stability, roominess, ease of use, comfort, durability...? The list just goes on. Why did we choose this tent? Well, we spent a lot of time researching tents prior to beginning our trip. Yes, that does sound a little ‘nerdy’, but what we needed from ‘our’ tent, seemed impossible to find. Sure we were (and still are) demanding. We need sturdy yet…

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