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March 07, 2018

New Key Partner - MAGURA

Simon and I are excited and proud to announce that the legendary German motorcycling parts manufacturer MAGURA have becoem a key Partner for 2018. MAGURA have been manufactuering and supplying OEM parts for most of the worlds top motorcycle manufacturers including BMW Motorrad, Polaris, Triumph, Aprilla, Ducati, KTM, Husqvarna and many more for decades. So, it goes without saying that to have a company with MAGURA'S standing, and reputation on board, is a major boost…
December 29, 2017

Capture - Our New E-book

When one of the worlds fastest growing software giants ask's you to create an e-book from scratch you sit up and pay attention. Then you panic, and then you roll up your sleeves and get to work. As passionate photographers Lisa and I work hard to capture and share our best images. Images, that are powerful, sharp and able to convey the beauty and texture of what we see around the world. For years, like…
December 18, 2017

ADVMoto Partner with 2RTW

New Partner, New Website, New Ideas Taking a journey give us the chance to meet with new friends, learn new ideas, see the world how it really is and in turn connect with like minded people who share our enthusiasm and passion for community, motorcycling, travel and adventure.As “2 Ride The World”, Lisa and I are proud and excited to announce our latest partnership with Carl Parker and his team at ADVMOTO magazine. After 14-years…
December 18, 2017

AlpineStar Sponsor 2RTW

Lisa is excited to be wearing the brand new Alpinestar Tech 7 Enduro boot.  Alpinestar is one of the most well-known motorcycle apparel maufacturers in the world, and is now Lisa's latest equipment sponsor.   Lisa was busy yesterday unboxing 3 sets of boots  in order to determine the pefect fit for her demure shoe size. Not every motorcycle boot manufacturer makes sizes to fit small adult feet, however Alpinestar does! Normally wearing a size…
December 11, 2017

2018 ADV Calendar

It's a little later than we'd planned but our new 2RTW 2018 ADV Calendar is up and online and available for purchase. We've created country specific versions our 2018 calandar, each with coutnry specific national holiday listed. So pick yours and we'll deliver it to your door. See below for a full ist of countries. This is the 9th year we've produced our "ADV Photo Calendar" and we've chosen some of our favourite images from…
December 07, 2017

Wowed at The WINGATE

don't worry this isn't an informercial, just an acknowledgement of thanks as the recpient of suprising genorosity. Lisa and I wanted to express our sincere thanks to the Miss Kim (owner) and all the staff at WINGATE Hotel in Houma, Louisiana. Lisa and I booked the hotel as a stop over as we ride south to Houston and then into Mexico before heading to Cuba.  This morning we were met with enthusiasm and questions as…
November 09, 2017

New Sponsor - LUME CUBE

Our photography is becoming a larger and more driving factor  as out travels continue. Capturing and recording the landscapes and people we meet as we travel has always been a joy, but today, both Lisa and I are inspired to travel to new countries and even return to past continents to be able to capture images that move us and, perhaps even inspire others. We're thrilled to announce that Lume Cube have become our most…
November 02, 2017

smugmug To Sponsor 2RTW

Lisa and I have worked hard for years to capture hundred's of thousands of images from our travels around the world. We're thrilled and extremely proud to be able to announce that we've joined forces with smugmug, and who have signed up to sponsor us with their incredible pro-level services. smugmug have been around for years, and have reaped both praise and awards for providing improved features, sharper presentation and more powerful tools, allowing photographers…
November 01, 2017

Carvi Hotel - New York City

After 14-years on the road, we love that we're still regularly surprised by people. It's all the more incredible to be genuinely delighted by strangers that you've never even met. But when you have friends like Alfredo Pedro and the Portuguese Facebook group "Fans of BMW Motorrad", anything is possible. Just last week we were invited to the Photo Plus Expo, the largest photographic expo in the USA, where the latest and greatest photographic tools,…
August 14, 2017

TOURATECH Announce Insolvency

Last week (Friday 11th August) Ingo Schorlemmer, press officer of the law firm Schultze and Braun, distributed an official press release confirming that Touratech had filed for insolvency. The Internet and motorcycle industry alike were immediately abuzz with speculation surrounding the company’s future.Lisa and I started our story with Touratech almost 25-years ago, and like so many, we flicked eagerly through their once thin catalogue, marveling at the pages and images of riders exploring the…

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