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December 29, 2016

Baja Bound

For years Baja has been one of those names, one of those locations that been tantalising us. A part of Mexico into which we’ve never ventured. A peninsula made famous for it’s laid back attitude and long desolate beaches and for it’s racing history. Off-road racers have been testing themselves in Baja for decades. The Baja 1000 call’s this place home as does the newly formed Baja Rally.It’s time to…
August 10, 2016

Chilly In Coldfoot

Fairbanks to ColdfootThis would only be the second time in our trip that we had crossed the Arctic Circle: the first time was in our first few months on the road when we were heading on up to Nordkapp- which is the most northerly point in the world which you can access by road.We had heard all sorts of hellish stories about this route.Known as the Dalton highway it is…
August 01, 2016

Alaska At Last

There were quite a few reasons to explore the mountain town of Smithers this morning but we had a date with a glacier.The road was quiet as we pulled from the busy car park of the Motel and onto the Yellowhead Highway (AKA Highway 16) and clicked through the gears. It was hard not to stare left as we rode in the early morning shadow of crimson peaked Hudson Bay…

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