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April 25, 2018

Vida Vinales

Sometimes it’s just great to pull off the panniers and bags and go for a ride.I’d left Lisa sleeping this morning, grabbed my X-T2 and headed up into the hills over looking Vinales Valley with it’s spectacular landscape dotted by dome limestone outcrops (mogotes). The light spit of rain lasted for just seconds but added a glint to the jungle-covered hills surrounding the town. Before sunrise I’d found a spot,…
April 24, 2018

Another Side Of Cuba

The bags and panniers slammed into my thighs and crashed into the walls as I bumped and wobbled my down the narrow stairway to the front door of the hostel. I’d already collected the bikes from the car park 6 blocks away and navigated my back without hassle, to park them up outside. It was 8am and loading the bikes was already drawing a crowd of excited but polite onlookers,…
April 23, 2018

Havana Rhythm

The last few days have been a blur of photography, delicious tiny cups of sweet dark coffee, toe-tapping Cuban music and great food.We’ve been up early each day, with the camera lenses clicking from the moment we step outside onto the streets. I love that fact that Lisa’s snap happy again. Lisa’s taken more photos and had more fun with her Fuji X-T2, than she’s taken and had in years.…
April 21, 2018

Loving Havana

Some places have such an air of legend about them, so much so, that when you finally arrive, your entire experience feels surreal. Havana is one of those places.It’s not often that I get excited about getting up before sunrise but, hey, this is Havana baby, and the idea of walking the historic back streets of old Havana was an exciting prospect for a photographer.Both Lisa and I were up…
April 20, 2018

Angels In Havana

After a great stay at Papo’s House, where we had many chats with the neighbors before we finally left, we headed out after a great breakfast. Wow, they really provide a selection for breakfast ; eggs, bread, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, toast and jam! We’d enjoyed the shower and feeling clean, a welcome break from the sticky salt air during our time on the boat, but this wasn’t to last…
April 19, 2018

Cuban Introductions

The sun was already roasting as we made the eighth run back to the ship to collect bags and gear, which we then strapped to the bikes.As I strapped the last bag down, we waived our goodbyes to Egle and Paul as they headed out of the port and swung a left to start their Cuban adventure.With the last clasp of her boot firmly shut, Lisa threw her leg over…
April 18, 2018

Hello Cuba

Hello Cuba!On the long smooth wooden table on the upper deck, breakfast had already been laid out in spectacular fashion, as I curled my leg over the bench and found a space next to Lisa.I scanned the table for an empty coffee cup amongst the bowls of scrambled eggs, plates of cold meats and cheeses and two huge bowls of fresh chopped fruits that lay scattered across the table.A quick…
April 17, 2018

Dancing With Dolphins

“Dolphins, dolphins”, yelled Carl from the deck, through the lifted and raised ceiling panel. Everyone else aboard was already up and peering over the side as I reach the deck. I’d battled to even to pull out my camera and clamber upstairs. At the bow of the ship, I pushed my hip into a nest of rope for balance and hung out of the side of the ship as a…
April 16, 2018

A Sea Of Nausea

My eyes peeled open at 5:00am. I’d somehow slept with my back against the hull of the ship and my feet pressed against the lower partition wall the separates us and the next set of bunks. The Stahlratte can sleep thirty guests and has four double bunks, we’d chosen the double bunk closest to the steps that lead up into the kitchen and to the lower deck. Lisa had been…
April 15, 2018

Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Stahlratte’s engine chugged to life at 11:30am, and by 12:00pm we were slowly moving out to sea. Ludwig had wanted to sail a day early because of a storm front that was moving in from the north. Out of the protection of the harbour and the Stahlratte was already rolling as the crew yelled instructions to one another in German, yanked ropes and hoisted the seven giant sails of…

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